Welcome in my world

Do you need to find defect on your PLC-controlled machine and fix it? Or maybe some small or bigger HW/SW change?
More than 15 years of experience with PLC controls Siemens (SIMATIC, SINUMERIC, LOGO), Klaschka, Beckhof Twincat, robotic manipulators from ABB, Fanuc and REIS and custom built systems, make me possible quick problem analyze, problem finding and rapid fix (with cooperation with other HW/SW developers).

Next I offer service contract with favorable terms or special training opportunities for selected professionals.

For example, your maintenance team don't need expensive and long-taking training for programmers, but accelerated training just for rapid analysis of error states and their removal. Or you don't need to write new programs for robotic systems, but you need to know how to operate them, make data backup, do a quick changes in positions…

And all this right in your company!

Simatic Sinumeric LOGO!